California Senior Apartments

The defining feature of California senior apartments is that they require their residents to be at least 55 years of age. In areas of California where the demand for senior apartments are higher, the age restrictions may be even higher. The purpose of senior apartments is to provide affordable housing to senior citizens who are retired, have a low income, or are disabled. Some senior apartments have income restrictions, in order to ensure that housing is truly provided for low income seniors.

There are numerous benefits to be enjoyed for those who choose to become a resident of California senior apartments. For example, low interior and exterior maintenance costs ensure that a resident will spend no time maintaining their apartment. Secondly, the cost of these apartments is much more affordable than the cost of a home’s mortgage, maintenance, and taxes. These apartment complexes also feature strict security for the safety of their residents.

Senior citizens who chose to move into California senior apartments will enjoy a wide variety of amenities that provide camaraderie and an active social environment. The various available amenities will vary according to each different apartment complex, but the most common amenities include clubhouses, indoor and outdoor pools, onsite fitness centers, and planned activities for residents, including seasonal parties, book clubs, and scheduled field trips.
It should be noted that the majority of California senior apartments do not offer in-home health care or assistance with daily living activities.

If you feel that senior apartment living is appropriate for your situation, Senior Living Options of the Desert can provide a list of senior apartments in the Coachella Valley.